The aim of the project Prometheus is to bring light to the village of Sinthian, in the Tambacounda region in Senegal, where The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and Le Korsa built Thread, a community center and artists’ residencies.In the context of Sub-Saharan communities not yet reached byelectricity, the installation of solar powered equipment could affect the everyday life of the inhabitants. In the past ten years, a variety of academic research projects rendered these impacts through scientific data driven analysis. Prometheus aims to rigorously document the impact of rural electrification, using photography and video as main media, in order to understand the impact that light can have on the life and the economy of the village. This could be used as a test case to show to a broader audience the effect of such small actions and improve the audience’s logical and emotional understanding of the problem.This collection of photos shows landscapes of Sinthian by night, wherefire, torches, cellphones and sporadic passage of motorbikes and carsare the only lights to scratch the darkness. Long exposure photographs allow us to show how people use the available lighting devices and so their real necessities beyond the hypothesis of academic research. These images represent a documentation of the present situationand a first step in the study of how electric light could change the life of the village.