Layered Mumbai

Mumbai is the twelfth richest city in theworld for Gross Domestic Product.
But, at the same time, it is a place of extremedifferences. In a decade, its population has doubled. In the last five years, the inhabitantshave increased from 16 to over 22 millions, and about 55% of them live in Slums: they are very high density neighborhoods composed by crumbling buildings, where there are no basic supplies as water, sewer and eletricity. They were built without regulations, often using interstitial spaces between other buildings, infrastructuresand natural barriers.

In the meantime Mumbai, in a race pursuingone of the most rapid growths in history, is looking for locations for new towers and infrastructures. Skyscrapers make space by recovering – or rehabilitating, as someone say – all the areas occupied bySlums. It does not matter if part of the city’shistory and a large part of the economy still resides there; in those slums, where not only desperate people live, but where workers, doctors, lawyers and all other pivotal roles at the base of every social and economic system live too.

The photographic research conducted by Giovanni Hänninen stems from a collaboration with Studio Mumbai Architects,and highlights the urban stratification ofthe city of Mumbai. The photographic work on exhibition is the beginning of a research that aims to create an atlas that uses photography as a tool for analyzing the city’s dynamics.


Fine Art prints

Edition of 5
FineArt Inkjet pigment print on
Hahnemüle FineArt Baryta paper
105 x 140 cm



Montrasio Arte
1st June – 20th July 2018
Km 0 Gallery
6th October 2018

Siam 1838 – Milano Design Week 2019
9th – 14th April 2019