A Touching Sight is a 15-minute documentary that shows the different purposes of the extraordinary exhibition Josef and Anni Albers: VIBE – Voyage inside a blind experience.
First and foremost the development of a new inclusive model for a temporary exhibition that can be equally enjoyed by both sighted and visually impaired people.

A new way to enjoy art through the senses that enhances its fruition is the other aim of the exhibition. “Feeling the experience” as Gregorio Battistoni the project creator of the VIBE exhibition affirms. Tactility is particularly emphasised because the Albers Foundation exceptionally for this exhibition provides works of art that can be touched by visitors.

The keyword is synesthesia: the tactile approach allows the audience to “see” a visual image through other senses and viceversa, expanding and challenging the notion of art fruition and aesthetic experience.

This documentary is an opportunity to reflect on how the experience of blind people can enhance the experience of sighted visitors.

VIBE – Josef and Anni Albers Voyage inside a blind experienceis an exhibition conceived by Atlante Servizi Culturali.


Screening Tour



Artecinema International Film Festival
Saturday, October 12th – h 8.45 p.m.
Teatro Augusteo



Bauhaus: non solo idee ma persone
Monday, October 14th – h 5.00 p.m.
Museo del Novecento – Sala Conferenze



FilmArte Festival
Tuesday, October 15th – h 7.00 p.m.
Wein Salon



The Bauhaus Group
Friday, October 25th – h 18.30 p.m.
Fondazione Monte Verità


Unlike other exhibitions, at VIBE the visitor is encouraged to freely touch original pieces of art by Josef and Anni Albers – thanks to the generous contribution and partnership of the Albers Foundation – and 3D models of other artworks.

The first-hand experience invites the visitor toappreciate the sensory details and the subtle messages that only the sense of touch can convey.

The VIBE experience, like touching, is slow and profound. Through their hands the visitors capture rhythms and patterns the eye cannot see, while the ears can enjoy the colours of a rattle or the pictorial modularity of a music composition.


The idea of being able to attend and enjoy a temporary exhibition is something extremely unusual and innovative for a person with visual impairment.

The Albers wanted art to be available to everyone, belonging to everyone. Following their principle, VIBE was devised specifically to ensure the best fruition possible to the blind or visually impaired visitors.

The documentary focuses in particular on the blind visitors, some of whom have the opportunity to visitan art exhibition in complete autonomy for the firsttime.


«What is vital is to appreciate nuance», says Nicholas Fox Weber, director of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

VIBE is an opportunity for learning through a multisensory approach: it is a chance to expand, to pave the way for seeing in a truer sense, the sense of overall experience.

The synaesthetic-sensorial approach also allows a deeper understanding of the creative process of the two artists through senses other than sight.


«The project increases fruition for the visually disabled but also opens up the possibility of a new explorative path accessible to everyone» says Gregorio Battistoni.

What others may perceive as a deficit becomes anasset as it allows the sighted visitors to reconsider colors, rhythms, patterns and their alternations.

The documentary aims to show how the VIBE exhibition reverses the perspective on visual impairment and how a sighted visitor may learn from the blind to perceive art at a deeper level.